Feel Alive. Feel Free.

There are no limits. Only new opportunities.
DEFY Method Pilates
Move Better

Move Better.

At Defy, we believe in workouts that are as joyful as they are effective. Strength, tone and flexibility are just the start. With each class, the mind clears and we connect with our true and best selves.

Think Better

Think Better.

Set to uplifting music, the sessions combine reformer Pilates, HIIT, functional exercise movements and a mindfulness component, to leave you feeling, strong, blissed out and ready to take on the world. And this unique mind body connection inspires you to break through old boundaries.

Live Better

Live Better.

With Defy, there are no limits. Only new opportunities to become the best version of you. Move better, think better and live better.

"Defy is the first workout I’ve found that pushes me physically while allowing me to enjoy all the benefits of meditation. I walk out feeling great for the rest of the day!"


Reformer Pilates + HIIT + Mindfulness


DEFY takes Reformer Pilates to a whole new level delivering on strength, flexibility, coordination and balance with unparalleled intensity.


The research proves it. Less total time with higher intensity. You'll burn calories for hours. You'll increase your endurance. Your heart will be seriously pumping.


DEFY train's your mind the same way you train your body to develop a deeper connection between your mind body and spirit.

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